How do you reach your customers? The ones standing in front of your business trying to decide if they should enter. Or the person already inside ignoring your product in favor of a cell phone. The potential customer browsing when all of your staff is occupied. Or the regular that buys something five days a week. Do you rely on paper signs and offers to communicate with them? Or are you using every tool at your disposal to open a dialogue?

C2Signal can help you use technology to your best advantage with ideas and implementation.

What are beacons?

Beacons are small battery operated devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to communicate with nearby Android and iOS users. Local offers, bar-coded coupons, customer satisfaction surveys, itineraries, employee notifications, and self-guided tours are just a few of the ways beacons are currently being used successfully.

Beacons are available in four sizes: keychain, pocket, 2.5 inch, and outdoor with signal strengths that range from 82 to 262 feet. Notifications can be updated remotely and instantly. Timely analytics are available to judge the effectiveness of content.

Why beacons

Because users must opt-in to receive nearby notifications this is an unobtrusive way to reach a willing audience. Messages sent based on proximity allow you to reach current and potential customers. An SDK is also available for integration with your company's app. 

  • Many major retailers, hotels, airlines, sports stadiums, and grocery stores have already deployed or are currently testing beacons. They can currently be found in restaurants, museums, banks, car dealerships, airports, hospitals, convention centers, and rideshare vehicles.
  • An estimated 18,000,000 beacons are in currently in use worldwide with 400 million expected to be shipped by 2020.
  • Both Google and Apple have created standards for proximity notifications
  • Beacons do not collect data or track people alleviating privacy concerns
  • The size and portability make them unobtrusive with uses that can be customized to the location
  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel or Google Adwords for reach customers that previously visited your physical location